Monday, April 7, 2014

Everything IS Bad For You! (I Suspected As Much)

To lay everyones mind to rest, the Daily Mail has helpfully produced a list of foodstuffs which will kill you.  Here they are:
-Everything which is baked, like crisps, cakes, chips and bread, for example
-Red Meat.  Especially when processed into a delicious format such as burgers or hot-dogs
-Dairy foods.  Cows are bad news in general.
-Hot things, including tea and coffee.
-Alcohol - natch.
-Peanuts, cereals and grains. See?  Nothing is safe.
-Salt.  Which is in everything, including the stuff that wasn't mentioned elsewhere.

Basically, everything you eat is going to kill you, probably of cancer.  Thanks for that Daily Mail.

Bon Apetit!

Source:  Daily Mail

Friday, March 7, 2014

Drink Booze and you won't have (another) Heart Attack!

Now go easy, Tiger.  Slamming back tequilas the week after invasive surgery is not the way to go.  But this latest report from the European Society of Cardiology does say that 'moderate drinkers', who have had one heart attack and continue to drink in moderate fashion afterwards, have less chance of suffering a second attack.  Not you though ladies, this was a men only survey.  And 'moderate drinking' means two bottles of beer or glasses of wine per day, so step away from the 12 pack of Coors.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Working Nights

Dracula?  Dead man walking.

It is not good to work nights, it makes you prone to so many diseases I can't even list them here without feeling prone to exhaustion. 

Sleeping is a Good Thing humans, remember that.

Source:  Guardian

Monday, October 7, 2013

Low Fat Milk Makes You Fat (Obviously)

This will not come as a major surprise to those of us who have read countless similar articles about low fat soda.  Basically, the type of doctors who engage in these sorts of studies have found that kids who drink skimmed milk grow up chubbier than kids that stick to the full fat version.  Which isn't particularly fatty in the first place as it happens.  

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Beer = Heart Medicine

I always like the ones where they point out the good in something that probably would only be obtainable on street corners had it been invented 10 years ago.  So yes, beer is good (again).   
This week.

The Greeks have come to this conclusion, Greeks at Harokopio University in Athens to be precise.  Conclusion being that beer is good for your blood vessels and can prevent heart disease.  Well, one beer can.  Far be it from my to cast aspersions on a study which espouses the benefits of alcohol, but to my untrained eye the sample size of 17 people seems a little on the low side.   Surely they could have wandered the streets of Athens and picked up a few more volunteers to drink some free beer?

But hey, let's go with it.  Beer is good for you!

Daily Mail