Friday, April 10, 2015

Lazy Weekends

Have you ever heard the phrase "social jetlag" before?  No, me neither.

It means you sleep longer on days when you're not working, and this, like many other things, is bad for you.

Kiwi scientists believe that lazy weekend lie-ins mess with your metabolism and lead to obesity and 'other chronic disorders'.  It is difficult to find something which does not lead to obesity these days, it seems.

Well these bright Kiwis have even put cold hard numbers to this theory, suggesting that for every 2 hours of sleep over what you would normally have, you are liable to put on about 2.5 kilos.  I am guessing this takes place over the long term rather than overnight, as that would be kind of bizarre.

Keep that alarm clock set for Saturdays and Sundays if you know what's good for you!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bugs Bunny Lied to Us

So it seems that while carrots are generally pretty good for you and all, they really are not going to do much to improve your eyesight.

Turns out that the whole 'carrots improve your vision' was a propaganda exercise used by the British during WW2 so that they wouldn't reveal the fact that their planes were fitted with radar.

Let's face it though, if you actually believed that eating enough carrots would allow you to bin your bifocals, then this article probably isn't going to convince you otherwise.

Source:  USA Today

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cider: It's Basically Just a Better Version of Apple Juice

Scientists from the world-renowned 'Brewing Research International' in Surrey have recently stated that cider is good for your health, as it is brimming over with antioxidants.  And everyone knows that antioxidants are good, even though nobody knows what antioxidants are exactly.

Doctor Walker says 'a glass of cider a day will keep the doctor away' (although she does preface that with 'it could well be claimed')

Regardless, the point is that cider is great and...

...what do you mean you're not sure if you trust the research of scientists from Brewing Research International?  Don't be so suspicious.

Anyway if you need more proof, here's a quote from John Thatcher (National Association of Cider Makers):  'I have spent a lifetime making cider... and now I can enjoy it all the more knowing that it is helping to keep me healthy.'

Case closed. 

Source: Daily Mail  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's Bad for you NOT to Drink a Bottle of Wine a Day. Listen to the Doctor!

 A former WHO alcohol expert claims that knocking back a bottle of wine won't do you any harm at all.  In fact he goes on to say that after spending his life studying the effects of alcohol consumption, he reckons you will be healthier as a drinker than a teetotaler.

Say no more doc, you had me at "evidence shows moderate drinking is better than abstaining". 

Some busybody from a healthy living think tank responds that "this is an unhelpful contribution to... blah-blah-blah Something-Something I'm not listening"

Now where is that corkscrew?

Source:  UK Independent

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Apples Are Bad For You. Apples!

Seems that modern apples are pumped full of sugar, and thus killer fruits. An apple a day will kill you, and so forth.  Only the Daily Mail could have come up with this one, so heartfelt thanks to those guys.

It appears that the 'modern apple' has 50% more sugar than the apple from the early 2000's.  And it is acidic, which the Mail has reliably extrapolated into dentist's having to yank out your teeth.