Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Coffee - Super Health Drink

Coffee is great for your health!  Not just 'good', Great!  It can reduce risk of heart disease (very, very, extremely slightly).   The speedy caffeine stimulates your nervous system and so kind of stops you suffering from depression, because you're too wired to be glum.  Among it's miraculous properties, coffee can ward off Alzheimers, skin cancer, breast cancer, Parkinson's and gallstones.  Some professor from the Harvard School of Public Health says it has more antioxidants than most fruit and vegetables.  So why have I been bothering with all those green things when I could have just been glugging down litres of life-giving coffee?


  1. This is an absolutely hilarious site! I'm trying to lose weight and hearing everything is bad for me. This helps.

    1. Good to hear! Just remember that everything is bad for you (except the things that are good for you, and nobody wants to eat those)


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