Friday, June 7, 2013

Seems Like Red Bull May Not be a Health Drink

The most surprising thing about this article for me was that up until very recently, drinks like Red Bull and Monster had been classified as 'natural health products', rather than the 'aggressive vodka mixers' I had always considered them to be.  Well Canada has now got wise to these energy drinks, after a report revealed that none of them do a goddam thing for you, except getting you wired on caffeine extract.  

I was interested to hear about a Japanese study from the 1970's - the only one to come up with something good to say about energy drinks - which noted the increased swimming ability of rats injected with a glucose compound commonly used in the stuff.   Not quite enough to sway the argument, sadly.

Source:  The Star (Canada)

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  1. I work with food scientists and get fed up with all their schtick, so was thinking of doing a site like this. You're doing it better than i would, so i won't bother. Keep it up!


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