Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eating Cake for Breakfast Will Make You Thin

Tel Aviv university have come up with this cake-lovers dream diet.  Their experiment consisted of getting a load of fat people and putting them on strict low calorie diets.  Except one group was allowed to pig out on a big breakfast with dessert as part of their calorie allowance, while the other (less fortunate) bunch poked unenthusiastically at porridge and diet yogurt.  I like to picture them all sitting at one big table, split down the middle, with the cake-eaters slowly licking their spoons as they stare unswervingly at their fruit salad munching counterpart.  Well the cake eaters lost more weight at the end of it all, thus allowing fat people everywhere to justify eating Black Forest Gateaux with whipped cream at 7.45 in the morning.  Hurrah!

Source:  Canberra Times

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