Thursday, March 7, 2013

Marathons: Stop after 50 minutes.

Welcome news for those of us who would rather eat their own ear  than run for an eye-watering 42 kilometres:  Marathons are bad for your health.  That's what US journal 'Heart' has decided at any rate, and it makes a certain amount of sense.  One or two is alright, they say, but don't overdo it.  Duly noted.  According to these fellows, 50 minutes is the maximum amount of exercise you should do in one day, which were this advice to be followed to the letter would result in extremely unsatisfying conclusions to football matches around the world.  

The good doctors end with one of the feeblest pieces of prose ever committed to print, which I shall of course regurgitate here: "running too far, too fast, and for too many years may speed one's progress to towards the finishing line of life".  
I couldn't have put it worse.

Source:  Independent (UK)

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